How Do You persuade others as a Doctorpreneur

Hamza Asumah, MD

In 2014, I founded Halo Medical Services, a medical consulting service specializing in the design and implementation of corporate health programs. This consulting firm’s primary goal is to provide services to corporate institutions in the hopes of providing them with value for money while also saving them money as they strive to provide great healthcare to its employees and dependents.

This was a very new and little-known concept at the time. Corporate institutions opted for health insurance firms and hospitals, which, in my opinion, were overpriced and lacked understanding on how to develop cost-effective health policies for corporate institutions.ds.

I believed that corporate institutions were still unable to strike a balance between cost and quality. To persuade these corporate entities of the importance of hiring a consulting business like ours who would be compensated while handling their health care demand

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Most business organizations believed this was an intractable problem. I recall that in my quest to recruit the first four-star hotel, it took 7 months and several meetings just to persuade the hotel’s management of the value of what we were offering. They were still unsure whether they needed the service I was offering, so I decided to offer it for free for a period of three months.

During this time, we will manage their health needs, construct their health care policy, and ensure that they have access to everything health-related, with the opportunity to quit after three months without any legal implications if they are displeased with the quality.

This was a fantastic option since I was confident in our capacity to provide them with the quality they need at an affordable price while also guaranteeing the company’s long-term sustainable healthcare policy. After three months of providing free consulting services to the hotel, I was awarded a five-year contract to manage all of their healthcare coverage.

They were evidently pleased with the amount of income saved throughout those months. They had saved at least 40% of their revenue as a result of the new policy we established for them.

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This was the power of persuasion in play but being done in a different way by leveraging the confidence of our abilities to prove a concept to a company that did not see an initial value. Harvard Business Publishing emphasizes the power of reciprocity when trying to persuade others as a Doctorpreneur.

People have a strong desire to reciprocate benefits in kind. Give before you ask for something to activate the “reciprocity” trigger. When deciding what to donate, search for solutions that fit the interests and requirements of others. This is a fantastic learning tool that I utilize, particularly with ideas that elicit a lot of mistrust from customers. This, in my view, is the most effective method of convincing people.

Second, in order to persuade others, follow the three Principles to influence.  You need to first of all sell the Problem and then link it to what is on the radar of those you are trying to persuade. In order to achieve this, you need to do your homework. Finally. let my own unique brand of executive presence come out. Be sure to engage with your genuine and authentic personality.

Always remember that everyone you are trying to persuade to do business with has objectives that are on their radar and if you want to be persuasive to executives, you have to link it to their radar and show how it can either make them more successful or eliminate risk.

Third, stories bring your ideas to life. That’s because they captivate listeners’ attention with gripping narratives and relatable characters. Simplify complicated ideas, elicit strong emotions from listeners, stay in people’s minds, and frame the big picture. Stories are a strong persuasive technique that you may use to persuade investors and individuals you want to do business with.

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When presenting a concept to others, start by acknowledging their points of view. Remove the potential for them to resist you, and you will disable them. They will be more open to discussing your concept and listening to the solution you provide if they do not have this possibility. Second, state your case. Clearly, you will demonstrate how your proposal is superior to your opponents’. However, demonstrate how you incorporated the ideas, interests, beliefs, and concerns of the protesters into your solution.

Managers must utilize persuasion in a variety of interactions, including those with superiors, workers, and peers. You cannot order those with more seniority than you to do anything. You can’t even give commands to your peers. Even with direct reporting, command-and-control cannot be used.

To convince others, you must present an idea, strategy, or solution in such a manner that it appeals to those who will be influenced by it. To do so, you must persuade them—make a reasoned argument for your stance using facts, expert views, and real-world examples.

Persuasion is a method that allows you to influence or reinforce the attitudes, beliefs, or actions of others; nevertheless, it is most successful when it is ethical based on mutual benefit and moral behavior.

I will love to know about your experience in persuading others and hoe that has impacted your healthcare business. Please share your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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