How GRIT Influences Your Doctorpreneurship Journey in Africa – PART 1

Hamza Asumah

High performers must have remarkable stamina. It doesn’t matter if they’re already at the top of their game; they’re continuously striving to be better. Despite the sacrifices they must make, their work remains vital to them. Despite the fact that simpler options are available, their resolve remains unwavering. The combination of these strengths is known as “grit.”

Professor Angela Duckworth, a well-known researcher, has performed various studies and surveys on the elements that determine company success. She discovered tangible proof that grit is one of the most significant predictors of success in her study.

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What is GRIT?

Angela Duckworth describes “GRIT” as “passion and perseverance for long-term goals” (Duckworth, 2020). According to Duckworth, GRIT is about having a purpose that is so important to you that it organizes and lends meaning to practically everything you do. GRIT is said to be able to predict who will persevere with and achieve their long-term goals.

Passion stems from an inherent interest in your craft as well as a feeling of purpose—the conviction that your work is worthwhile and beneficial to others. Perseverance manifests as tenacity in the face of hardship as well as an unrelenting commitment to ongoing progress.

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It is a strong belief that your ideas and business will be successful, and you are working hard to achieve it despite a lack of external positive stimuli or support. Grit refers to consistent efforts and work that are motivated by internal desire and belief. Exactly everything you need to navigate the continent’s myriad problems.

According to Harvard Business Review, It is crucial to highlight that putting together a group of gritty people does not automatically result in a gritty company. Instead, it might result in a disorderly swarm of determined individuals, each following a different interest. A culture cannot be gritty unless everyone’s aims are unified. And, as we’ll see later, achieving that alignment requires effort.

Why is Grit Important for the African Doctorpreneur

As a startup founder, the road of healthcare entrepreneurship in Africa is fraught with setbacks, losses, failures, and victories. To thrive as a doctorpreneur, you need more than a brilliant business concept, expertise, resources, or a fantastic team. It is critical to have and work with the appropriate attitude.

Be tenacious in a world brimming with talent and ideas. Ideas, talents, and resources abound, yet they are rarely sufficient to produce business success. Grit makes business concepts a reality.

Gritty doctorpreneurs can see past hurdles. Instead of perceiving failures, they see fresh possibilities to learn, re-evaluate, re-assess, and grow their firm.

In addition to increasing your chances of success, GRIT improves your attention as you continually retain your focus on your goals. Grit also boosts your confidence in the face of adversity, transforming losses into possibilities. Grit may also boost productivity while also fueling exceptional stamina and flexibility.

Do share your thoughts in the comment section below as we discuss how we discuss how to develop GRIT as an African Doctorpreneur

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