Hamza Asumah, MD

After my last publication, I believe the most pressing question on your mind right now is, “How do I develop grit?”. Grit is not something that we are just born with. It is something we can nurture and develop. True grit can only be developed through practice, and through experience and failure. These suggestions will be helpful:

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First, Understand your WHY

My goal at HMSGhana has always been to provide a setting where ease and quality are carefully thought out in a context where healthcare is not easily accessible or inexpensive. Our objective is to put healthcare in the hands of the many people in developing countries like Africa who lack adequate resources.

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Understanding your “why” entails comprehending the reason of your business objectives. When things get rough, knowing your “why” may act as an internal incentive.

Second, Leave your comfort zone

It should come as no surprise that change is accompanied with a great deal of discomfort. It is frequently stated that there is little or no progress in your comfort zone. The comfort zone is nice, but it offers very little benefit. Staying in your comfort zone limits your thinking, cognitive process, and, eventually, the success of your business.

In a continent like Africa and a rapidly changing environment like the healthcare industry, it is critical to always aim for substantial change in order to stand out and deliver a value that clearly sets you apart from the competitors. Unfortunately, this amount of change cannot be achieved in your comfort zone. You’ll need to get used to being uncomfortable.

As a startup founder, there’s no room for slothfulness. Stretch yourself, apply passion and persistence consistently and keep track of your progress.

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Third, learn to face and look beyond failures

Everywhere in the world, the business climate is quite unfriendly. I dare to suggest that the African continent is much more volatile as a result of specific difficulties unique to our region. Startups are not immune to failures, obstacles, and setbacks. Every unsuccessful attempt is a chance to learn, re-evaluate, and re-strategize.

As a startup entrepreneur, learning new and effective methods to deal with disappointments moves your company ahead, reshapes your perspective, and boosts your creativity. It makes it easier to deal with disappointments. This is what will eventually set your trip apart from everyone else’s.

Fourth, be intentional. This cannot be overstated. Being focused about your business and keeping consistent over time has immense power. Consistent practice leads to mastery. Be deliberate about your goals and work on mastering the abilities required to achieve them. Building strong habits and patterns based on your entrepreneurial goals can also set you on the right track.

Lastly, make sure you identify and befriend gritty doctorpreneurs. The company you keep has a huge impact on your thinking. Surrounding oneself with other tenacious doctorpreneurs, business founders, or mentors facilitates the learning and growth process.

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Make a concerted effort to discover hardworking friends, doctorpreneurs, and mentors who can assist you with important success suggestions for your entrepreneurial path.
Learn to take little pauses and establish early personal incentives to keep you going while gaining grit.

It is nearly difficult to thrive in business and achieve long-term goals without grit. Grit promotes stamina, productivity, confidence, and focus, and puts doctorpreneurs in a better position to succeed.

What has been your experience with gritty leaders and employees? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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