Doctorpreneurship has received a great deal of attention in recent decades as an emerging interest and lifestyle for physicians all around the world. Africa has not been left out of this new viewpoint for physicians interested in exploring their entrepreneurial sides.

The underlying theme of all of this is the ongoing topic about healthcare business sustainability, especially given how competitive this industry has been for decades. There is a need to delve further into the details of what makes a healthcare firm sustainable.

In the middle of all of this, your capacity as a Doctorpreneur to flourish in chaos is what ultimately defines whether or not your business is sustainable. Learning how to function in chaos is a vital talent you must have, especially in Africa, where the socioeconomic situation may be quite tumultuous.

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The global pandemic, economic crisis, and growing tensions have exacerbated our position in Africa, particularly for healthcare businesses on the continent, given the massive lack of resources and support for these businesses, which are inextricably linked to the country’s economic growth.

Perspective is essential in times of upheaval. One of the most important lessons I’ve learnt as a Doctorpreneur is the need of strong leadership characteristics as an entrepreneur. Leadership has nothing to do with position; it is a conscious decision to watch out for those around you and encourage them toward a shared goal. This is the first thing you must understand in order to manage any chaotic entrepreneurial environment, particularly one that is quickly changing, such as the healthcare industry.

In difficult circumstances, it’s tempting to believe that the best course of action is self-preservation, yet this couldn’t be further from the truth. Adversity that hits a team, organization, or shared community generates a rise in commonality, and it is that solidarity — or lack thereof — that determines a company’s fate.

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The following will prove to be very effective when operating in chaos:

First, learn how to make the most of your time. During an uncertain period, the playing field is turned upside down and, in most circumstances, shifts in unforeseen ways. We are now in an ever-changing landscape of ups (hope) and downs (fear), and leaders must be able to analyze information rapidly, make crucial assumptions, be decisive, and act quickly. Leaders must also concentrate on the present — not the past or the future — and handle it as efficiently as possible.

Second, prioritize your most valuable resource: Great leaders understand and cherish their people as their most valuable resource. Your team will make or break you, especially in a crisis, and effective leaders discover methods to engage, inspire, coach, and drive their employees. A team is more essential than any one person, yet it is critical to remember that the team is made up of individual people.

Lastly, assign everyone a role. Allowing your managers to do what you hired them to do and trusting them to do it can be more difficult than it sounds, especially since you were most likely once in their position, but if you can’t let go, you will not only struggle, but you will never reach your full potential or allow them to reach theirs. Just as a CEO determines the company’s direction, the management team must carry it out.

Learning to be effective in a chaotic environment is one of the most essential keys you require for success especially as a Doctorpreneur on the African continent. Companies with strong leadership and a solid foundation will make it through difficult times if they are adaptable and willing to adapt and overcome.

What has been your experience navigating chaos? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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