Hamza Asumah, MD

There is always an ABC to accomplishing something in so many books I’ve read on how to do things. This is a “hack” to the way of lowering your risks of failure and raising your chances of success using readily repeatable mnemonics. ABC is a great mnemonic to remember.

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I am pleased to inform you that, in my experience as a doctorpreneur, the total of my triumphs and failures have also taught me the ABCs of doctorpreneurship, which has shown to boost my odds of success over the years. I’d like to share these with you in the hopes that they may help you on your path to being a doctorpreneur. Each “Nugget” is a piece of the puzzle that becomes a live part of your business.


Access has shown to be one of the primary elements that has practically opened many doors to success in healthcare business. There are several hurdles to establishing and maintaining a healthcare firm that need you to have access to the proper information, the right regulators, the right investors, the correct mentality, and so on. Access to the correct resources, particularly human resources, in the early phases of your business will decide the initial energy you will invest into your organization.

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Access to appropriate infrastructure and setup. Access to the right people in the right places who can advocate for you and properly represent you as you navigate the perilous path of doctorpreneurship. There are no restrictions on the subject of access. Simply consider all of the things that may end your business before you begin, and make sure you have appropriate access to them.


According to ignite brands, when it comes to branding, perception is everything. It’s not so much about who you claim you are as it is about who your consumers say you are. As a result, it is critical to methodically carve out the path to what you want your consumers/customers to say about you.

It is vital to carefully consider how you position yourself in your industry if you want to stand out. Because of the increasing number of competitors and the eventual commoditization of healthcare professionals’ competence and value in delivering quality, this necessity has become even more crucial in Africa’s healthcare market.

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Patient preference is increasingly impacting the dynamics of healthcare and the long-term profitability of businesses. Patients used to have limited option in terms of which hospital they went to since hospitals were exceedingly rare. Healthcare was regarded as a necessity rather than a luxury.


Whatever healthcare venture you choose, be certain that you are consistent in all you do from start to finish. From the outset of your firm, the message you provide to potential customers must be consistent with your activities and service delivery. To be consistent, you must repeat what you are doing, and with each repetition, you will improve.

Consistency adds value by developing trust, which leads to better customer service, more customer happiness, and increased confidence in achieving stability. It all begins with you, the entrepreneur: consistency is how you plan, not what you plan.

Measurability is enabled through consistency. If you consistently produce consistent work in a consistent period of time, it will be easy to measure your progress toward your goals and ensure you’re charging the appropriate amount for your services. Inconsistent work, on the other hand, produces too many variables for you to track adequately.
Be consistent in your marketing, branding, service delivery, customer service, and internal work culture.

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These ABCs are not the only way to increase your chances of success in your healthcare business, but I can guarantee you that they are the most crucial places to start, and if you apply them regularly and over time, you will become a successful doctorpreneur.

What else has worked for you as a business owner? What additional factors do you believe contribute to success in healthcare entrepreneurship? Please leave your opinions in the section below.

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